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Top Models for Charity.
Kelly Slater, Ben Watts, Channel Island Surfboards and eight of the biggest models walking today’s runways teamed up to create unique surfboards in aid of charity.


In my favorite Dries van Noten jacket

We can see why it’s her favorite. - MM

Saint Seraphim of Sarov and his bear, Misha (an icon at St. Herman’s Church, Wasilla, Alaska)
Photo by jimforest

Peace, love and rodeo on the streets of Saint-Tite, Quebec, during the town’s annual Western festival.Pour l’amour du rodéo: à Saint-Tite, les cowboys ne sont pas tous solitaires.
Photo by / de Leda & St. Jacques. 
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Submitted by Shapesounds (Ronnie)

“Why am I afraid to live, I who love life and the beauty of flesh and the living colors of the earth and sky and sea?”
~Eugene O’ Neill from The Great God Brown 
photo by D. Sharon Pruitt (Taken with Instagram)